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What You See Is Often Not What You Get

The name may be less common these days, but we're all familiar with the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Word processors like Microsoft Word are the dominant example. If you work on a web site, you've undoubtedly used one to create and edit pages. If you have, you've probably noticed that it doesn't work quite as well as the ordinary word processor. What You See is never quite What You Get. Why is this? Maybe the WYSIWYG editors for web sites are just bad. There's some truth to that, certainly, but the problem is actually deeper.

Cyber Security: Securing Web Servers

Cyber security is a vast and complicated subject. Security breaches, hacks, and identity theft stories abound. In spite of the best efforts of some of the brightest minds in technology, cyber insecurity is only going to get worse before it gets better. There are many reasons for this, but basically it comes down to these main points:

Don't Neglect 20% of Your Potential Web Visitors

In recent months we’ve been called upon to analyze and implement changes on websites in order to help them become compliant with web accessibility standards. What does web accessibility mean exactly? At its core the goal is to make web content available to the widest possible audience with special attention paid to those who have a variety of disabilities. Just like accessibility issues being addressed in the physical world, increasingly website owners are becoming aware of the need to make their sites available to all.

Big Changes in Web Hosting

We've slowly been making a number of changes, and enhancements to our hosting services over the last several months. While we are going to continue to find ways to improve things, it's about time to tally up the most important changes.

Giving Back to the Drupal Community

All open source software thrives by having a willing and enthusiastic core of developers who contribute in various ways to the project. These developers donate time, money and expertise to the project because they enjoy working with the system and what is essentially free software for their work. Over the years we've been fortunate to contribute money through memberships in the Drupal Association (see badge in the right column), direct donations, and offering help on various support issues.